Istick Android A200


iStick A200 The Fastest Mini Computer Ever

comparable to the high end graphics workstations

1080P Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering in Realtime

The new iStick delivers unique 1080p crystal clear user interface and renders photo-realistic 3D graphics in realtime, the feature that used to be only available in High-End PC workstations.

1080p Full HD iStick Screenshot Preview

3D Browser3D Mountain
Win8 Metro Style UIAndroid App Launcher
Download original 1080p screenshot

high speed

High Performance Mini Computer Like No Other

By using PQ Labs' unique HyperSpeed SoC system design and 2GB dedicated DDR memory chipset (very expensive and used mostly on high-end graphics card), iStick A200 is a great bargin and delivers stunning performance that you could never imagine before. In addition, we went so far to even rewrite components in the kernel of Andorid operating system to make it by far the fastest Android implementation in the world to deliver true desktop experience - a big leap forward. Everything is faster with iStick A200 - smoother game play, quicker web page load and faster switching among multiple apps.


smoother gray scale gradient

32 Bit True Color

iStick A200 supports 32bit True Color. More than 16.66 million colors are delivering more vivid image and smoother gray scale gradient to your HDTV.

iStick A200 delivers more than 16.66 million colors

Kiosk Mode allow apps run in full screen without unexpected quit

Unique Kiosk Mode

run in full screen without unexpected quit

Special digital signage mode embedded. With Kiosk Mode, demo apps will run automatically in full screen once boot up, thus it’s free from spectators’ interruption.

Unique Kiosk Mode made your demo full screen

iStick A200 Digital Signage

Tailored Apps for Digital Signage

iStick has various built-in and exclusive apps tailored for digital signage. It supports multi-touch and it’s ready-made, all you need is to get your contents ready.

 tailored apps for digital signage

provide best Multi-Touch experience

Windows 8 Metro Style User Interface

Though born with the Android system, iStick’s User Interface design learns from windows 8’s neat but beautiful Metro style, ensuring its best Multi-Touch performance on a large format touch screens.


iStick A200 Wireless Display PQ Labs presents a complete solution for digital signages

AirScreen - Wireless Meeting Technology

iStick + G4 Multi-Touch Screen
Tiniest Computer with Thinnest Touch Screen

  • Wireless Display, Wireless Touch
  • Interactive and Interchangeable Meeting Content
  • A Must-have Future Technology for Conference Room

  (coming soon...)

With iStick and G4 series Touch Screen, PQ Labs is presenting a complete solution for digital signages.


iStick A200 supports USB HDD


iStick A200 supports Storage Card

Storage Card

iStick A200 supports Wi-Fi


iStick A200 supports Keyboard

Keyboard &Mouse

iStick A200 supports Google Play

Google Play